Audition Excerpts

KMEA All-State Orchestra
2021-22 Audition Excerpts

Participation Eligibility Requirements

There are three requirements for a student to be eligible to audition for the KMEA All-State Orchestras:

  1. The student must first be a performing member of their District’s 2021-22 KMEA Band, Jazz Ensemble, or Orchestra.
  2. The student’s director must be a member of KMEA, will register each audition online, and send the Audition Invoice with appropriate payment to the KMEA All-State Ensembles Manager. These must be completed by the deadline established by KMEA.
  3. The student must be deemed an eligible freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior in good standing in their high school.

The following excerpts will be used for the 2021-22 school year.

ViolinDownload Jul. 22 version

Violin excerpt was re-posted July 22, 2021 due to an errata change, as follows:
  1. In the Brahms excerpt, the B’s in measure 8 should NOT be natural.
CelloDownload Aug. 16 version

Cello excerpt was re-posted August 16, 2021 due to errata changes, as follows:
  1. Haydn – measure 33 begins with arco and then moves to pizz. on the 2nd note
  2. Haydn – measure 24 is meant to feel like a hemiola – I would encourage taking out the hooked bowing here
  3. Haydn – measure 25 should have the same bowing as 26 and 27
  4. Tchaikovsky – mm. 13 last note is an A natural
BassDownload Aug. 5 version

Bass excerpt was re-posted August 5, 2021 due to errata changes, as follows:
  1. Verdi: Measure 11, the half note on beat 3 should be C natural
  2. Verdi: Measure 19, the second note should be D natural
  3. Mozart: Measure 26, the 4th note should be A natural.

  1. Scales & Arpeggios – One major and one melodic minor scale
    • Candidate’s choice of keys
    • Three octaves, hands together
    • Sixteenth notes, slurred
    • Quarter note at a minimum of 60 bpm
  2. Solo
    Musicians are expected to play 4-5 minutes from a solo of the musician’s choice, without accompaniment. Musicians are encouraged to choose a piece that best demonstrates their level of playing.