Instrumental Auditions

For a student to participate in a KMEA All-State ensemble, the sponsoring teacher must be a regular active KMEA Member. NAfME Associate membership does not grant eligibility as it is not a Kansas membership. Each student participating in Instrumental Live Auditions must first be an performing member of their KMEA District Band, Jazz Ensemble, or Orchestra. Participation in a nominated district group does not provide eligibility for this event.

2020-21 All-State Instrumental Audition Management

  • For 2020-21, dual registration will be required. “Official registration” will remain in the KMEA Members site. This is unchanged from prior years.
  • Audition fees will be based on the time-stamp for each entry in the KMEA Members site.
  • Audition uploads (mp3 audio) and judging will be managed online using the Festival Scores system. Entries must be submitted by each sponsoring teacher, in accordance with audition entries submitted in the KMEA Members site. For example, a student registered in the head director’s account in KMEA Members should not be uploaded in an assistant director’s account in Festival Scores. The sponsoring teacher in KMEA Members and Festival Scores must be the same teacher.
  • Audition entries that are completed in Festival Scores, but were not registered in the KMEA Members site by Jan. 8, 2021, will be assessed an audition fee of $50 per audition in the same manner as an on-site fee in regular years.
  • Entries which are submitted by a non-KMEA Member will not be considered for selection.
  • Official registration will not be based on Festival Scores activity. Festival Scores will be used only as a replacement for the in-person audition and judging event.

Audition Registration
Auditions must be registered online in the KMEA Members site by the sponsoring teacher.

Audition Date
Jan. 13, 2024

Weather contingency date
Jan. 20, 2024

Salina-Lakewood Middle School
1135 E. Lakewood Circle
Salina, KS

In case of inclement weather on Jan. 13, 2024 auditions will take place the following Saturday, Jan. 20, 2024. All weather-related announcements will be posted in the KMEA Home page and emailed to participating directors.

Application worksheets will be accepted at Live Auditions for On-Site Registration only($100 per audition, paid in KMEA HQ). See Fees page for further info.