CODA Grant

CODA stands for Creating Outstanding Development in the musical Arts.

A CODA Grant is an opportunity for KMEA members to obtain a mini-grant for up to $200 from the KMEA Fund in their classroom for a creative project that enhances curriculum. Funds obtained from this grant are not meant to, and should not be used to replace or supplant currently budgeted school funds. To apply for a grant, please complete the CODA Grant Application.

Successful CODA Grant Application Characteristics:

  1. Complete every field in the application.
  2. Give your project a succinct but descriptive title.
  3. Be realistic about the scope of your project. The maximum CODA amount you can receive is $200. If your project will cost more than that, detail the source of the additional funds (e.g., PTA funds, department funds, kind benefactor, fund raising).
  4. Describe your Project Proposal adequately. Why do you want to do this? Is this something your district should fund as a part of the regular curriculum instead? The weighting for this portion of the application is 50% of the total score.
  5. Student Outcomes: What do you want students to know and be able to do as a result of this project? Your outcomes should be measureable. The weighting for this portion of the application is 50% of the total score.

The inaugural class of CODA Mini-Grant recipients has been chosen. Congratulations to these successful Fall 2021 Applicants. The next deadline for submitting a CODA Mini-Grant application is November 1, 2021. Successful applicants from that round will be awarded in January 2022.

Jennifer Antonetti
Topeka High School
18th & Vine Fieldtrip
Gem Theatre, Jazz & Negro Leagues BB Museum

Abigail Bryant
Wichita-Jefferson Elementary
Tubano drum

Mendy Burnett
Chanute Elementary
Remo Rhythm Lids with CST Technology

Mark Congdon
Topeka-Cair Paravel Latin School
Staff Paper Nobebooks for choir classes

Katrina Jacobsen
Baldwin Elementary
4th & 5th Grade Choir Literature

Whitney Maxwell
Lawrence-Billy Mills Middle School
KU Symphony Orchestra with Tiempo Libre concert tickets

Victoria McManus
Everest Middle School
Bucket drums and sticks

Cortney Woodruff
Maize Middle School
Shrek Jr. production costs