2019 Kansas Tri-M Mini-Conference
Friday, February 22, 2019

Greetings fellow Tri-M Advisers,

KMEA is just around the corner and we wanted to take a moment to talk about the Tri-M Mini-Conference that takes place on the Friday morning of KMEA. This event is free to chapters, advisers and sponsors that attend. Students, sponsors and advisers in attendance will also have access to KMEA clinics, exhibits and concerts that do not require tickets on this day. Registration will begin at 7:30 AM, and sessions will run from 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM, allowing students to attend the 11:15 AM concerts, and visit clinics and exhibits in the afternoon. In addition to sessions with the All-State ensembles, we will have Presidio Brass joining us during the 9:00 AM hour. To get started, you will need your active NAfME/KMEA membership number and the password to register your chapter/students.

Who can attend the KS Tri-M Mini-conference?
Any Kansas school with an active Tri-M chapter is eligible to bring students to the Tri-M Mini-Conference. This half-day conference is held on Friday morning of KMEA. Students and chaperones are then able to visit clinics and exhibits and attend concerts at no cost for the remainder of the day.

NEW for 2019!- All Tri-M Chapters are now eligible to attend sessions on Thursday and Saturday of the conference as well as long as they have a Tri-M Badge!

What do chapters do at the Mini-Conference?
We often have a guest speaker (from a variety of content areas and teaching levels). Chapters bring information about their chapter’s activities (service and social) to share with others. Students will spend time talking about ways to improve our schools and communities through music. CNAfME (collegiate members) will also visit to share their experiences as pre-service music teachers, music majors and non-majors.

How do we register our chapter members for the Tri-M Mini-Conference?
Chapter advisers can register their students by visiting our ISW Tri-M registration site. Advisers will need their active NAfME/KMEA membership number and names of students and sponsors (up to four) to register. Advisers will need a universal password in order to submit their registration entries (please contact the Tri-M chair for the password)

***If you don’t see your school on the drop down menu, then your chapter is currently listed as inactive by NAfME as of 1/21/19. If you believe this is in error, please email the state Tri-M chair. If have not renewed your chapter for the 2018-2019 school year, you will need to do so by completing the chapter renewal/activation form at Please email a copy of your chapter renewal/activation form to the state chairto be added to the list for the mini-conference.

The posted deadline for chapter advisers to complete their entries is Feb. 15, 2019. You may register students as often as you like. If you are bringing students on Thursday of KMEA and need to pick up Tri-M badges early, please email the state Tri-M chair in advance and we will work on a time/location to pick up name badges.

Tri-M Min-Conference Schedule
February 22, 2019

7:30 AM – On-site check-in the Century II Service Club (Registration needs to be completed online ahead of time, see details below for registration)

8:00 AM – Introductions, Icebreakers and the Tri-M Loyalty Song

8:30 AM – Essential Somatics for Singers and Instrumentalists with Dr. Cristina Castaldi (Wichita State University)

9:15 AM – Presidio Brass

10:00 AM – A Visit from CNAfME

10:30 AM – Wrap-Up/Tri-M’s Got Talent Showcase

11:00 AM – End of Tri-M Mini-Conference. Chapters are encouraged to attend a concert performance from 11:00 AM -12:00 PM, and spend the afternoon visiting the exhibits and clinics. Registration badges will allow students to visit the exhibit hall and all ISW clinics on Friday, at no charge.

New- Tri-M students may also attend sessions on Thursday and Saturday at no cost! This might be a good option if you are planning to bring students for All-State on Thursday.

Tri-M Scholarship
KMEA awards one $500.00 scholarship to a Tri-M member who is a high school senior and who will enroll as a music education major in a four-year Kansas college or university. A student must be a member in good standing of his/her local Tri-M chapter and national Tri-M to be eligible. One scholarship will be granted from all the applications submitted. The scholarship will be presented at the KMEA In-Service Workshop. Every attempt will be made to notify the winning student in advance, however, a student does not have to be present to receive the scholarship.

Please visit the scholarship page to download the application. Scholarship applications are due by February 1, 2019.

The Tri-M Music Honor Society is an NAfME program that recognizes outstanding music students in secondary level school (grades 6 through 12). Tri-M activities increase students’ school and community involvement with music. Tri-M members are selected based on their academic and musical achievement as well as on their strength of character. Chapters invite qualified students from any organized music ensemble or class in their school to join this international music honor society. Chapter members regularly get involved with community-service activities and music-enrichment events, nurturing a more cohesive, broad, and unified music program. Rewards for the activity include scholarships and awards that are available through the Tri-M awards program.

Benefits of Tri-M membership include unique Tri-M membership materials, scholarships, individual achievement awards, biannual Tri-M newsletters, the Tri-M Web site, Tri-M specialty items, Tri-M conferences at select NAfME nation and regional conferences, and automatic membership in the Junior ASCAP Membership program (J.A.M.).

To start a Tri-M chapter, contact NAfME at 800-336-3768 and ask for the Tri-M Music Honor Society staff, or go to the Tri-M Web site at

Tri-M Music Honor Society Scholarship
KMEA offers a $500 scholarship each year to a member of Tri-M.

Alumni Achievement Award
The “Tri-M Alumni Achievement Award” is an official recognition of the career successes and life accomplishments of former Tri-M chapter members. More information and a nomination form will be available in the Tri-M manual to be sent to all active advisors in August.