Sample Handbooks

Handbooks are important if you would like the parents of your students to know what to expect from your program. The following things should be included in a handbook:

  • Cover letter
  • Concert/ event dates
  • Grading policy
  • Uniform expectations
  • Signature page (saying that both student and parent understand what is expected of the student through the course of the year)

High School Band/ Orchestra Handbooks
Goddard, KS HS Band (6A)
Olathe South, KS HS Orchestra (6A)
Pittsburg, KS HS Orchestra (5A)
Abilene, KS HS Band (4A)
Little River, KS HS Band (1A)

High School Choir Handbooks
Olathe North, KS HS Choir (6A)
Mayde Creek, TX HS Choir

Middle School Band/ Orchestra Handbook
Overland Park, KS 6th Grade Orchestra
Merrimack, NH MS Band

Middle School Choir Handbook

Band and Choir Handbook
Napoleon, MI HS Band and Choir

Beginning Band/ Orchestra
Andover, KS Elementary Band
Miami Country Day, FL Band/ Orchestra