Curriculum – Assessment

Once you know what you want the students to learn, how will you check it? Listed below are various assessment forms and rubrics to help document what it is you want your students to know and be able to do.

Links to offsite resources

Music Assessment Home Page – This is a fantastic site hosted by the University of Miami. It covers the basics of assessing skills and knowledge in the music classroom and provides guidance on creating your own rubrics. There are several samples available on this site.

Winslow Music Dept. Assessments – This site was put up by the Winslow, Maine Music Department and it is LOADED with sample assessments in the following categories: Program assessments (is your music program meeting National Standards?), 9-12 Instrumental, 9-12 Vocal, 5-8 Instrumental, 5-8 Vocal, and K-4 General Music.

Mt. Ararat HS Assessment Rubrics – This site contains rubrics in pdf format for High School Band and Choir from Mt. Ararat, Maine. Individual as well as group assessments are available. – This site is a wealth of sample rubrics and contains links to rubric creation tools. Some of the music rubric links are dead, but you can easily find online rubric creation tools here.

Music Assessment Resources – This site is from Manteno, Illinois and has more diverse assessment tools for things like beginning band, jazz choir, show choir, and color guard. There are several links to assessment articles and other assessment websites on this page.

KSHSAA Large Group Rating Sheets – These are the rating sheets that our State Large Group festival judges use to rate bands, choirs, and orchestras at State Festival in April. Use these in class to help gauge your ensembles progress.