Calendar Checklist

Do These Things Before School Starts:

  • Acquire your schedule
  • Find your room(s)
  • Meet with principal, other music department staff, school office staff, custodians,
    activities/ athletic director (add a document here – questions to ask each of these people)
  • Read District and Building policies
  • Check to see if your school has a Music Booster club – contact the Booster president
  • Find and read your District’s Music curriculum plan
  • Compile or locate a calendar of important dates (performances, deadlines, etc.). Make
    sure your events are on the school District’s calendar
  • Plan classroom procedures/ consequences & post them
  • Compile handbook and plan grading procedures
  • Check inventory (instruments/uniforms/other equipment) for needed repairs
  • Post required emergency plans in your room
  • Review class lists (get class lists from previous two years)
  • Contact student leaders as needed
  • Plan for music distribution (check past programs for ideas)
  • Plan for uniform/ choir robe distribution
  • Sign up for a Music Mentor with KMEA

Click here for a checklist of things to do before school starts (pdf)

Do These Things Through the Year:

  • Learn the school’s procedures for purchase orders, requesting transportation, professional development,
    building use requests, field trip policies, and fundraising
  • Keep parents and administrators informed of upcoming events and performances
  • Find out how your district awards professional development points/hours
  • Join professional organizations particular to your field (KMEA/NAfME, KBA, KCDA, KSTA, etc.)
  • Attend professional conferences and workshops to keep learning and to stay in contact with colleagues
  • Talk to your KMEA Mentor

Do These Things Before the Year Ends:

  • Recruit new students for next year’s beginning ensembles
  • Set calendar of next year’s events
  • Spend the rest of your budget
  • Take inventory of instruments and equipment
  • Arrange for needed instrument and facility maintenance
  • Check uniforms and arrange for cleaning or storage
  • Prepare budget plan or requisition equipment for next year