Mentoring Program

The KMEA Mentoring Program is intended to help music educators and administrators with concerns that arise out of the music classroom. This program has been designed to bring together experienced, successful music educators and first or second year teachers who request assistance with any aspect of their music program.

With a Mentor:

  • you can experience collaboration with an experienced teacher in your field
  • have less stress as you draw upon the experience of quality veteran teachers
  • get help with those situations that you have never experienced before
  • you’ll get answers to the questions that everybody asks

Without a Mentor:

  • the focus is often on day-to-day survival
  • you will lose out on the valuable insights of those that have “been-there-done-that”
  • you may experience the feeling of a lack of support as most classroom teachers don’t face the unique challenges of a music classroom

We are your safety net! As soon as you land that first job, make it a point to contact the KMEA Mentoring Program. We will pair you up with an experienced mentor in your area that you can call on at any time and who will call on you. The bottom line is this – you are not alone. There are many people that want to see you be the best that you can be. All it takes is making first contact. We are here for you! Please fill out our Graduates & New Teachers form and the KMEA Mentoring chairs will get in touch with you.

If you are still in college and would like to get involved with other music students, you are encouraged to visit the NAfME Collegiate page.

Further information (including the Mentor Chairs for each KMEA District) may be found on the KMEA website at

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