ISW Souvenirs (Audio Recordings, Plaques, Shirts, Photos)

KMEA partners with vendors which provide the following professional services for participating students, directors, and patrons of the In-Service Workshop. We encourage everyone to visit their sites and order souvenirs that you missed while at the convention.

Audio Recordings
Professional audio recordings for all large ensemble performance events (bands, orchestra, choirs, honor groups) are available exclusively through Shhh Audio Productions.
Shhh Audio Productions
KMEA 2023 ISW Recording Order Forms

Plaques & Shirts
Plaques and shirts for State Group performers are provided by Precision Engraving & Awards. This company also provides services for KMEA district ensembles, so be sure to get any items that you missed earlier during the district mini-conventions.
Precision Engraving & Awards

Performance Groups and State Groups were photographed by Jolesch Enterprises.
Jolesch Enterprises