Audition Excerpts

KMEA All-State Orchestra
Audition Excerpts

The following sets of excerpts will be used in a 4-year rotation. Use the correct set as indicated by the school years listed.

Year 2
Viola (ver.3) posted May 9, 2023

Harp Auditions for KMEA District and All-State (2023-24): Scales & Arpeggios – One major and one melodic minor scale

  • Candidate’s choice of keys
  • Three octaves, hands together
  • Sixteenth notes, slurred
  • Quarter note at a minimum of 60 bpm

Solo: the harp solo from Vaughn Williams’ Five Variants of Dives and Lazarus, Variant I and Variant III
(actual rep for KMEA All-State String Orchestra, 2024)
This file (version 2) is a clearer copy of the harp solo audition material. Please note the cuts are VARIANT 1, beg. to m. 19, upper part, and VARIANT 3, beg. to m. 27, upper part.
Download (Version 2 posted Sep. 1)