Starting a Chapter

Charter a NEW Tri-M Music Honor Society chapter and KMEA will reimburse a portion of your chapter activation fee. After you have submitted your chapter activation to NAfME, submit a copy of your activation form and a brief summary of your Tri-M chapter goals to KMEA Tri-M Advisor Shelly Cole.

Activate your Chapter
Submit a completed Chapter Activation Form with the $100 chapter fee to the NAfME National Office.

Select Your Members
Students must meet these following minimum requirements at the time of their selection: (These minimum requirements may be raised at the discretion of the chapter advisor.)

  • Music
    Enrolled in a school sponsored music ensemble and/or class for at least one semester.

  • Scholarship
    At least a “B” grade average in music, and at least a “C” grade average in other academic subjects.

  • Leadership, Service, and Character
    Has demonstrated leadership, service and character in their activities.

Order Membership Materials
Upon activation, you will receive the Tri-M Catalog, which you can use to order pins for new members, certificates for continuing members, and member cards for all members. Additional tokens of membership such as graduation cords, tassels, and insignia items are also available. Additional copies of the Tri-M Catalog may be obtained from the NAfME Student Programs staff by calling 800-336-3768 or online at under “Download Forms.”

Notes of Interest
Deadline to activate is October 31. NEW chapters may activate at any time during the school year. Each active chapter receives a Chapter Manual to guide them through chapter operations. Tri-M Catalog arrives with chapter materials or is available by request. Only active chapters may order Tri-M membership materials.

What’s Next?
Elect chapter officers to assist with chapter duties. Participate in service projects. If your music program is ever threatened by budget cuts, your service activities could rally the support of your community. Get your students to organize community or school service and promote it as many ways as possible! Let your student leaders shine. Encourage Tri-M members to take on leadership projects, such as: running sectionals, leading a small ensemble, performing as a soloist, giving lessons to peers or feeder program students, chairing a project committee, etc.

Participate in the Tri-M Awards Program
The Tri-M Music Honor Society Awards Program has many awards for individual members and chapters, including scholarships for summer study. See your chapter manual for more details.

Get involved in a regional Tri-M
eventA regional event could be a citywide, county, state, or division session, conference, or symposium for Tri-M chapters and their members. If one is available … participate. If not … consider organizing one. Contact the NAfME office for more information on how to put together a regional Tri-M event.

Welcome to the Tri-M Music Honor Society!