Why Join Collegiate?

As a NAfME Collegiate member you will:

  • develop leadership skills.
  • interact with professional music educators from all over the world.
  • discover new teaching methods and techniques.
  • be informed of the latest advancements and innovations in music education.
  • expand your network of professional contacts.
  • experience the first taste of the professional world.
  • enhance the credentials on your resume.
  • open doors to job opportunities.
  • receive NAfME Collegiate’s standard periodicals
    • Music Educators Journal: The award-winning journal offering timely articles on teaching approaches and philosophies, current trends, new classroom techniques and the latest in products and services.
    • Teaching Music: Presenting association news and practical features such as sample lesson plans, interviews and other valuable materials.

To be eligible for Collegiate membership you must:

  • be enrolled in an institution with a NAfME Collegiate chapter.
  • be preparing for a career in, or have an interest in music education.
  • not be employed as a full-time music educator.

As a Collegiate member, you’ll have access to the following services and programs:

  • Advocacy: NAfME works for you to promote your choice of career by informing legislators of the importance of an education that includes music, by developing the National Music Education Standards and by sponsoring outreach programs such as:
    • Music in Our Schools Month
    • The World’s Largest Concert.
    • the “Music Makes a Difference” campaign.
State Membership
When you join NAfME Collegiate, you automatically become a member of your state music educators association, entitling you to all of the benefits associated with membership at the local level.
Leadership Opportunities
You can become an officer in your chapter and/or state affiliated organization as a Collegiate member. There are also opportunities to represent your division a the national level.
Awards Program
This exclusive program offers awards that recognize chapters for outstanding membership growth and successful projects, programs and recruitment techniques. An award is also available to Collegiate members for individual achievements.
In-Service Conferences, Meetings and Seminars
At the national, division and state levels, NAfME’s conferences offer Collegiate members opportunities to meet with their future colleagues and exchange ideas, attend sessions and performances and become acquainted with the latest in products and services available to the music educator. Collegiate members also receive substantial discounts on registration fees.
Discounts on Resources
You will receive a 20% discount on all resources, including publications, videos and other items covering a wide range of music education topics.
Information Services
At you service when you need facts and materials for teaching, research, presentations, and dissertations, NAfME’s resourceful staff is available to all members.
The NAfME Job Center
You’ll be able to search online for open positions in music education, from early childhood through college levels and for all specialties, worldwide.
Tri-M Music Honor Society
This NAfME program recognizes outstanding secondary school students for academic and musical achievement and service. Collegiate chapters and members can get involved by helping local Tri-M chapters with their projects and activities.
And More
NAfME MasterCard, group insurance, instrument insurance, rental car discounts, long distance savings and even tax deferred annuities are all available to you through membership in NAfME Collegiate.

Other services available to members:

  • Collegiate Exchange: As an online service accessed through the NAfME website, the exchange provides articles written by outstanding professionals and a forum for members to discuss issues relating to music education and its future.
  • Journal of Research in Music Education: Presents current findings in research. Articles cover a wide range of research categories and include historical, descriptive, philosophical, developmental and experimental studies.
  • UPDATE: Applications of Research in Music Education: Presents practical applications for research finding in general music education. UPDATE presents information in a jargon-free, easily accessible style, keeping music educators up-to-date on new ideas and trends in research.
  • Journal of Music Teacher Education: Presents articles focusing on state-mandated curricula, certification issues, reform movements, interpersonal concerns in teacher internship requirements, philosophical concerns, methods courses and more. Also contains book reviews, announcements and an opinion column.
  • General Music Today: Offers articles that keep you on top of emerging trends, effective lessons ideas and new materials for teaching general music at all levels. Each issue features columns by widely respected general music specialists in specific fields.