Officer Application

Are you interested in serving Kansas NAfME Collegiate at the state level? The two elected positions are President and Vice-President. The application process is fairly simple.

First, you must meet the criteria for applying:

  1. You must have been a member of your chapter for at least one semester prior to applying.
  2. You must have at least one semester of college leadership experience prior to applying. It is not required that this leadership be in your chapter, but you must be involved in some sort of college leadership prior to applying.

The second step is to fill out the Officer Application Form. Email it to the Collegiate President and the Collegiate Advisor (the email addresses are on the application form). Please include a brief biography and resumé.  Finally, you will need a letter of recommendation from your NAfME faculty advisor. Plan to bring 50 copies of your resumé to the ISW to share with voters.

The NAfME Collegiate luncheon takes place on Friday of the ISW.  Officer applicants should plan to speak to the attendees for 2-3 minutes. Introduce yourself, give your proposed goals for office, and outline why you are a strong candidate. After the luncheon, members vote, and the current Executive Council will announce the results at Saturday’s Collegiate board meeting. After the board meeting, newly elected officers will sign a commitment contract. For more information about officer responsibilities, see the constitution.

The newly elected officers will begin serving as “Elect” at the end of the Collegiate Board meeting held on Saturday of the ISW. The current president will begin training the incoming president.  The new officers will then take office at the KMEA state board meeting in June.