Philosophy Statement
Improving the quality of music education in Kansas is a primary goal of the Kansas Music Educators Association. Our organization considers the professional growth and development of our music educators as a crucial component in achieving that goal. All-State Music Ensembles provide Kansas music educators a venue for promoting excellence through quality teaching and musical performance.

Mission Statement
KMEA is dedicated to providing Member-Teachers opportunities for personal and professional growth through association with outstanding nationally and internationally recognized All-State Ensemble conductor/clinicians. Our purpose is to empower Kansas music teachers by providing an opportunity for their students to experience the educational and social benefits associated with participation in our ensembles.



  • An opportunity to offer this higher level experience to their students
  • An opportunity to motivate students to a higher level
  • An opportunity for teachers to learn from internationally respected conductors
  • An opportunity for teachers to participate in professional development activities
  • An opportunity for teachers to learn by the modeling the pedagogical and performance techniques associated with the All-State Ensembles
  • An opportunity for teachers to understand the efforts required to prepare students for the “standard of excellence” expected for All-State Ensemble auditions, no matter what their students’ developmental level
  • An opportunity to expand the educators’ musical horizons – anti-Provinciality
  • The opportunity for exposure to a variety of quality literature
  • An opportunity to promote high standards through the educational challenges teachers must address as they prepare young musicians for auditions and participation in District and All-State ensembles.

Through their KMEA member teachers, the students benefit because of:

  • Interaction with an internationally renowned conductor/teacher
  • Encounters with students who share a mutual purpose – association with some of Kansas’ finest high school musicians
  • The opportunity to experience growth in musical understanding and the refinement of technical skills
  • The opportunity to expand their view of the musical world
  • The opportunity, upon return to their local schools, to share their renewed enthusiasm, confidence, and leadership skills
  • The opportunity to serve as a role model for other students at all developmental levels

Kansas Music

  • Setting higher standards for music performance and learning in Kansas.
  • Strengthening performance ensembles throughout Kansas
  • Serves as a reward for students who exhibit exceptional musicianship
  • A positive experience for future music educators: our All-State participants
  • A positive experience for future supporters of music


  • To promote a feeling of accomplishment for their music student
  • To promote satisfaction for supporting the musical growth of their child.
  • Provide an opportunity for advocacy


  • Builds self-discipline
  • Empowers students

Impact on music performance in Kansas

  • An opportunity to provide role models and peer leadership for other students
  • An opportunity to recognize achievement based on high standards
  • An opportunity to promote respect from peers and teachers
  • An opportunity for students to become better musicians through participation in the process, even if they are not members of an All-State Ensemble

The All-State Ensembles philosophy statement was adopted by the KMEA Board of Directors on June 9, 2007.