Beginning with the 2021 performance cycle, plan on using mp3 format files for audio uploads and mp4 format files for show choir video. We will go away from using CD and DVD disk-based media. All submissions will be upgraded to digital uploads starting in spring of 2020.

The following are the guidelines for the 2020 performance cycle.

  1. Use only audio format CD recordings. The CD should have NO identifying information.
  2. Show Choir applications must submit a video in lieu of audio recording. The choir’s name or other identification SHOULD NOT appear anywhere on the disk. The disk must be either a standard DVD or a data CD with an mp4 format video file.
  3. Recordings must include no more/no less than 3 selections offering as much variety as possible. Each movement of a larger work is considered one selection. Audio CD recordings must contain three tracks, with each track containing one selection. Tracks must be in the order of selections listed on the application.
  4. The recording should be ONLY the group listed on the application form (1 app-1 group-1 recording). Recordings must not include any talking of any kind other than narration included within a selection. No verbal introductions!
  5. All recordings MUST have been recorded after September 1, 2018.
  6. Submit a printed program or programs from which the recording was extracted. If the recording was made during a recording session, submit a signed letter on school stationery from a school administrator, or, if submitting application from a community group, on the organization’s letterhead verifying the recording date.
  7. The director on the recorded audition and the director of the group in 2019-2020 must be the same person. This person must also be a member of NAfME-KMEA and will register for the 2020 In-Service Workshop.
  8. Entries are limited to two ensembles per KMEA member for submission and selection for performing ensembles at the February In-Service Workshop.
  9. Any violation of these guidelines not approved by the KMEA President-Elect will result in disqualification of that application.