Frequently Asked Questions

For procedural assistance, as it relates to the All-State Groups, please contact:
Randy Fillmore
ensembles at

For technical assistance, as it relates to your data entry, please contact:
Troy Johnson
webmaster at

Where do I register my students for Instrumental Live Auditions?
All-State auditions (high school level) are entered in the All-State Manager, which is a web-based registration system. The All-State Manager is located at

How can I confirm if an audition entry was saved to the database in the All-State Manager?
In the All-State Manager, go to the Auditions tab, then click on Display Saved Auditions. We see what you see.

I did not receive a confirmation email message when I registered my students’ auditions.
Directors are given on-screen confirmation while logged in to the All-State Manager(see above). Confirmation messages are not transmitted from this system. Use the Saved Auditions screen to verify that entries are saved.

I teach at a new school this year. Do I have to create a new Director ID?
No. The All-State Manager eliminates that need. Directors can edit their own accounts and change their own school building. Directors must have the correct school building in their account BEFORE entering student data. All newly created student records will be affiliated with that school building. Directors may, however, choose to create a new Director ID in order to simplify their data. This is completely optional.

If I took over a new teaching position, do I have to re-enter the existing students at my new building?
No. The All-State Manager system is capable of shifting existing student data from one director to another. Send a request to the KMEA Webmaster (webmaster at

Do I have to print out an application/invoice form for each audition?
No. After entering all auditions into the system, directors only need to print out one invoice which shows all instrumental auditions. This reduces the amount of paper that each director has to print and mail. Depending on the number of auditions entered, the final invoice is only one or two pages in length.

Where do I send the audition fee?
Audition fees need to be sent to the All-State Manager (mailing address is displayed on the Audition Invoice). A credit card payment option is available inside the ASM.

How do I change an audition that has a mistake, such as a misspelled name?
In the All-State Manager, go to the Auditions tab and follow the directions given on that page.

How do I cancel a registered audition?
In the All-State Manager, go to the Auditions tab and follow the directions given on that page.