Registration for the 2021 Virtual In-Service Workshop is scheduled to open by Nov. 1, 2020.

  • In order to attend the 2021 Virtual In-Service Workshop your NAfME membership must expire March 2021 or later.
  • All registration will be handled online.
  • If your NAfME membership expires February 2021 or before, you must renew before convention access will be issued.
  • A member may register for the ISW while in an expired status, however, convention access will not be issued while membership is either in an expired status or expires prior to March 2021.
  • Active, Retired, Collegiate, & Administrator entries which are complete will have convention access issued.
  • Before convention access will be issued, an entry must be complete, NAfME membership verified, and applicable fees received by KMEA.

Rates expire: June 30, 2021
Active $122
Retired $50
Collegiate $30

NAfME Membership Renewal

2021 In-Service Workshop Registration Fees

KMEA does not accept school purchase orders.

KMEA & KMTA members (Active teachers)
Early Registration Nov. 1 – Dec. 31 $80
Registration Jan. 1 – Jan. 31 $105
Late Registration Feb. 1 – Feb. 29 $130
NAfME Collegiate members
Registration Nov. 1 – Jan. 31 $10
Late Registration Feb. 1 – Feb. 29 $40
Guest Attendees
Retired member FREE
School administrators FREE
ISW Registration “Office Hours”
Mon Feb. 22 TBA
Tue Feb. 23 TBA
Wed Feb. 24 TBA
Thu Feb. 25 TBA
Fri Feb. 26 TBA
Sat Feb. 27 TBA