Don & JoAnne Corbett Scholarship

Don & JoAnne Corbett Scholarship Application Form

The Don and JoAnne Corbett Scholarship is a $500 award given annually to honor the service of the Corbetts to KMEA and NAfME. The deadline for application is February 1, and the student will be named during the C-NAfME Luncheon at the In-Service Workshop following the application deadline.  This scholarship is awarded to a Music Education major who is a Collegiate NAfME member at a four-year college or university in Kansas.  The award is presented directly to the student during the semester of student teaching, and may be used for any expenses incurred during student teaching, including but not limited to tuition, travel expenses, or living expenses. The semester of student teaching must be in the fall or spring semesters during the school year following the February 1 deadline.  If a student does not student teach during one of these semesters, s/he forfeits the scholarship.   Students must complete the Corbett Scholarship Application and submit an essay of 500 words or less describing why s/he wishes to be a music educator.