Music Standards

The Kansas Music Standards were revised and approved by the Kansas State Board of Education in 2015. At this time, the Music Standards have 2 content strands:

  • PreK-8 General Music
  • Ensembles (band, choir, orchestra, etc.)

Other content strands (Theory and Composition, Music Technology, and Harmonizing Instruments) will adapted at a later date.


Kansas Music Standards, Ensembles

Kansas Music Standards, PreK-8 General Music


2017 In-Service Workshop

KMEA Standards Clinic

KMEA Standards Clinic – Handout

KMEA ISW Standards Presentation – Handout, Sample Curriculum Templates, and Music Curriculum Examples

KMEA Standards Handout.pdf

Simple Curriculum Template – Creating.docx
Simple Curriculum Template – Performing.docx
Simple Curriculum Template – Responding.docx

Moderate Curriculum Template – Creating.docx
Moderate Curriculum Template – Performing.docx
Moderate Curriculum Template – Responding.docx

Complex Curriculum Template – Creating.docx
Complex Curriculum Template – Performing.docx
Complex Curriculum Template – Responding.docx

3rd Grade General Music Curriculum Example – Creating.pdf
MS Choral Curriculum Example – Responding.pdf
HS Band Curriculum Example – Performing.pdf