All-State Orchestra Roster


String sections are listed alphabetically by last name. Final seating will be determined on-site.

Violin I
  1. Chaeyun (Joyce) Ahn, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  2. Lindsay Baltzell, Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights
  3. Gabby Buck, Shawnee Mission-East
  4. Matthew Choi, Manhattan
  5. Arjun Gampala, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  6. Terah Graber, Goddard-Eisenhower
  7. Willy Jiang, Overland Park-Blue Valley
  8. Ethan Kardin, Derby
  9. Alija Koirala, Olathe-North
  10. Austin Larison, Shawnee Mission-North
  11. Rachel Lawton, Wichita-East
  12. Landon Nguyen, Wichita-East
  13. Sophia Peng, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  14. Bryan Rangel, Wichita-Southeast
  15. Landon Roy, Goddard-Eisenhower
  16. Kara Schlenk, Olathe-South
  17. Andrea Shehi, Olathe-East
  18. Micah Steele, Lawrence-Free State
  19. Cate Steinacker, Shawnee-Shawnee Mission Northwest
  20. Lindsey Toot, Baldwin City
  21. Hugo Yu, Overland Park-Blue Valley North
Violin II
  1. Maria Bonilla, Salina-South
  2. Josue Coy Dick, Newton
  3. Cynthia Dong, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  4. Noah Gruman, Shawnee-Shawnee Mission Northwest
  5. Yujin Hahn, Overland Park-Blue Valley North
  6. Emily Keeley, Manhattan
  7. Polina Krasnopolskaya, Shawnee Mission-West
  8. Caitlyn Lee, Olathe-East
  9. Josh Li, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  10. Caleb Lim, Olathe-North
  11. Julia Lin, Lawrence-Free State
  12. Kenny Liou, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  13. Julia Mitchell, Lenexa-St. James Academy
  14. Nikhil Reddy, Overland Park-Blue Valley
  15. Elisa Rouse, Wichita-East
  16. Madeline Smith, Olathe-East
  17. Alexander Solis, Kansas City-Sumner Academy
  18. John Viehweg, Olathe-North
  19. William Wei, Overland Park-Blue Valley North
  20. Jerry Yan, Manhattan
  1. Helena All, Lawrence-Free State
  2. Mariah Covington, Kansas City-Sumner Academy
  3. Nicholas Dang, Goddard-Eisenhower
  4. Joey (Joseph) French, Maize
  5. Mary Gipson, Wichita-Kapaun Mt Carmel
  6. Grace Hart, Manhattan
  7. Naomi James, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  8. Cole Kasparek, Olathe-Northwest
  9. Gabe Kimuri, Lawrence-Free State
  10. Blake Modean, Shawnee Mission-East
  11. Lauren Prehn, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
  12. Isaac Seybold, Lawrence
  13. Angelo Shekhar, Spring Hill
  14. Melody Tzang, Overland Park-Blue Valley
  15. Sarah Wilson, Shawnee Mission-South
  16. Tyler Ziegler, Winfield
  1. Troy Cassidy, Wichita-East
  2. Chris Chae, Manhattan
  3. Alex Chavez, Lawrence-Free State
  4. Jacob Choi, Manhattan
  5. Allen Church, Olathe-Northwest
  6. Clare Gessley, Overland Park-Blue Valley North
  7. Benjamin Holcomb, Shawnee Mission-South
  8. Vincent Hsiung, Shawnee Mission-East
  9. John Martin, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
  10. Angelina Miller, Manhattan
  11. Joanna Park, Manhattan
  12. Cameron Quick, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  13. Matthew Siegwald, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
  14. Grace Yan, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  1. Connor Ampleman, Shawnee Mission-West
  2. Allison Combs, Olathe-Northwest
  3. Taylor Martin, Olathe-East
  4. Amelia Milldyke Gifford, Shawnee Mission-West
  5. Matthew Pickering, Manhattan
  6. Nate Reid, Lawrence
  7. Carolyn Thurlby, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  8. Daphne Zakarian, Overland Park-Blue Valley Southwest
Bass (1234A Band)
  1. Stephen Mitchell, Spring Hill
Bass (56A Band)
  1. Leah Wise, Derby
  1. Melody Tzang, Overland Park-Blue Valley
Placement of winds/percussion is managed by the All-State Band chairs.
  1. Kelly Bushouse, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
  2. Tina Li, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
  3. Jada Green, Shawnee Mission-North
  4. Nina Jaramillo, Lawrence-Free State
  1. Alex Qian, Wichita-Collegiate
  2. Kendal Meyer, Derby
  3. Shelby Winter, Shawnee Mission-East
  4. Niki Lin, Olathe-Northwest
  1. Bryan Kwon, Olathe-East
  2. Emma Mitchell, Olathe-North
  3. Josh Brandt, Manhattan
  4. Diego Fuentealba, Maize-South
B-flat Clarinet
  1. Calvin Winkler, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  2. Stefan Schrader, Goddard-Eisenhower
  3. Jean Li, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
  4. Kara Olander, Overland Park-Blue Valley North
  1. Whitney Schweiger, Olathe-South
  2. Kristin Gjovig, Olathe-East
  3. Tyler Cummings, Overland Park-Blue Valley
  4. Connor Rank, Lenexa-St. James Academy
  5. Jenna Stokes, Olathe-South
  6. Suraj Menon, Overland Park-Blue Valley
  7. Amanda Mudra, Wichita-Collegiate
  8. Jacob Lucas, Lindsborg-Smoky Valley
  1. Hassan Ahad, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
  2. Thomas All, Lawrence-Free State
  3. Devin Gouger, Olathe-Northwest
  4. Annika Shankwitz, Manhattan
  1. RJ James, Wichita-East
  2. Jacob Lubrano, Wichita-East
  3. Gavin Hawkins, Andover-Central
  4. Luke Horsch, Olathe-East
  1. Benjamin Hopkins, McPherson
  1. Guthrie Bricker, Lawrence
  2. Karina Howey, Overland Park-Blue Valley
  1. Andrew Wallen, Lawrence
  2. Ethan Wootton, Olathe-East
  3. Josh Robinson, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest