2016-17 Kansas NFHS Outstanding Music Educator Award

The National Federation of State High School Association’s (NFHS) Outstanding Music Educator Award recognizes high school or college band, choral or orchestral directors, supervisors, and adjudicators.  It is awarded to individuals whose contributions have impacted high school activities programs.  Nominees must exemplify the highest standards of ethical conduct and carry the endorsement of their respective […]

KMEA Bylaws Revision

KMEA members have an opportunity to vote on the KMEA Bylaws 2016 Revision. This document undergoes updates from time to time to reflect the many changes that occur as KMEA grows and evolves over time.

Kansas Music Review

New “Kansas Music Review” Launched

Introducing the new Kansas Music Review, the online publication of the Kansas Music Educators Association. This web-based magazine is now in its 2nd version, having first gone online in 2011. The Kansas Music Review was first published in the late 1940s as a mimeographed hand-out consisting of a few sheets of paper held together […]

2017 ISW Performance Groups

Congratulations to all groups selected to perform at the 2017 In-Service Workshop. Performance dates and times will be announced in the ISW Schedule, which will be released in mid-January 2017. 2017 ISW Performance Groups