KMEA All-State Wind & Percussion
2024-25 Audition Excerpts

Participation Eligibility Requirements

There are three requirements for a student to be eligible to audition for the KMEA All-State Band and Orchestra Winds/Percussion membership:
  1. The student must first be a performing member of their District's 2024-25 KMEA Band, Jazz Ensemble, or Orchestra.
  2. The student's director must be a member of KMEA, will register each audition online, and send the Audition Invoice with appropriate payment to the KMEA Payment Manager. These must be completed by the deadline established by KMEA.
  3. The student must be deemed an eligible freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior in good standing in their high school.
Music Requirements for the Live Audition:
  1. A chromatic scale slurred up and tongued down. Quarter Note MM= 60. Play the rhythm as written on the scale sheet. Memorization is not required.
  2. One major scale, as written on the scale sheet, with up to 4 sharps or 4 flats. Quarter Note MM= 60. Play the rhythm as written on the scale sheet. Memorization is not required. All scales will start on the notes indicated on the scale sheet for their instrument. Each scale is non-transposed (i.e., if a trumpet player is asked to perform a C scale, they will be expected to perform a C scale on their instrument, not a C concert scale.) The major scale for each instrument will be posted by the band chairpersons on the morning of live auditions.
  3. Scale examples are provided indicating articulation and range for each scale. Please perform the rhythms as indicated with the metronome setting of quarter note equals MM=60
  4. Sections of the required etudes/solos listed below.
  5. Sight reading

Wind & Percussion Excerpts - Cycle 2
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Bass Clarinet
Contrabass Clarinet
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone
Euphonium TC
Euphonium BC

NOTICE - 2023-24 was the final year that Timpani, Mallet, and Snare auditioned separately. Beginning in 2024-25, these sections will utilize a combined Percussion audition which covers all three areas.