Performance Group Manager

Performance Group Manager

Performance Group application entries are saved to an interactive database. The submitting director will create a PIN, and the application will be assigned a “PassKey” upon completion of the form. Record your PassKey when it appears onscreen. The PassKey and PIN will give you access to the “Performance Group Manager” system. Once logged in, directors can notify KMEA of the postmark date on which the completed application was mailed to KMEA. Likewise, KMEA will mark the date on which the application arrived.

The Performance Group Manager will be used by Directors to:

  • Edit Selections prior to mailing
  • Print completed application forms
  • Indicate date package was mailed
  • Monitor date package was received by KMEA
  • Complete the Performance Repertoire Report
  • Make changes to the Performance Repertoire Report
  • Complete the Performance Equipment Request

The Performance Group Manager will be used by KMEA to:

  • Preview completed applications
  • Monitor date packages are sent to KMEA
  • Indicate date packages are received
  • Transmit announcements to selected directors
  • Gather performance data (participant passes, venue equipment, etc.)
  • Display online lists of Selected Groups and Repertoire for public viewing