New Advocacy Site Launched – KS AdvoAngle

KMEA has launched a new version of the AdvoAngle advocacy site, the KS AdvoAngle.

What is the KS AdvoAngle?
“The Advo-Angle” is a Kansas Music Educators Association website for all Music Educators to use for Music Advocacy ideas. However, Students, Parents, Business People, Administrators, Professional Musicians can use it as a tool for collecting ideas on the value of Music Education. It includes Advocacy statements, Ideas, and Quick Thoughts for Advocacy needs. The goal is to continue developing a thriving webpage filled with many interactive spaces and links, which provide Music Advocacy ideas and support to Kansas Music Advocates. We want not only Kansas music educators involved, but also our Kansas Community members. It is important to have the Community involved, because it is at our Community level where the development of ideas for the world of Music Education and the Advocacy thereof is conceived, created, developed and put into action!

For more info about music education advocacy in Kansas, please contact KMEA Advocacy & Government Relations Advisor Kelly Knedler (advocacy[at]