CMENC Board Minutes

Kansas Collegiate Music Educators National Conference
Meeting Minutes
Monday, September 25, 200612:45-2:15 p.m.

Hughes Metropolitan Complex—Wichita State University

I. Call to order

II. Approval of minutes - June 10, 2006

III. Announcements /Introductions

A. State Executive Board

i. President: Nathan Dame, University of Kansas

ii. Vice - President: Jennifer Ballard, Wichita State University

iii. Secretary: Kathleen Rivers, Kansas State University

B. CMENC State Advisors

i. Catherine Mallett, Washburn University

ii. John Huber, Fort Hays State University

C. Introduction of Chapter Representatives

D. Communication

i. Monthly Chapter Reports

1. Reminders to be sent out the 20th of each month by the Vice-President.

2. Chapter reports due online by the first of each month.

ii. Online forum

iii. President's page

1. Updated monthly

iv. KMEA Member Directory

v. KMEA E-Newsletter

IV. Reports

A. Executive Board

i. President: Nathan Dame

1. Kansas placed 5th in the country in number of chapters reporting growth with 12.

2. CMENC is a great organization... others need to know.

3. Must be portrayed by chapters across state.

4. Hope is to better organize the state level and help set-up opportunities for development, collaboration, and networking.

5. Finished up 70 students at the state level last year.

6. Updating President's page each month with information on state activities.

7. Acknowledgements were made to Denny Senseney, Dee Hansen, John Taylor, John Huber, Catherine Mallett, Chris White, Elaine Bernstorf, Ron Jones, and KMEA for helping subsidize costs.

ii. Vice-President: Jennifer Ballard

1. No report.

iii. Secretary: Kathleen Rivers

1. No report.

B. CMENC Advisors

i. Catherine Mallett—not present

ii. John Huber

C. CMENC Chapters (13 of 25 chapters represented at conference)

i. Allen County Community College (by correspondence) - reorganizing chapter, not attending KCOMTEP.

ii. Baker University - fourteen members, six freshmen. Interest is in the field of advocacy.

iii. Barton Community College (by correspondence) - nine members, helping with concert preparation, hosting KSHSAA regionals.

iv. Bethany (Jacqueline Goetsch) - membership numbers staying the same, in process of re-organizing.

v. Dodge City Community College - recruitment doubled from six to twelve, and ten of those present at conference.

vi. Friends University (Valerie Alicea) - goals are to become more involved on campus and community.

vii. Pittsburg State University (by correspondence) - redeveloping chapter.

viii. Southwestern - interviewing new professor, focusing on leadership in the community including giving lessons.

ix. University of Kansas (Andrew Trites) - held free informational luncheon for their CMENC chapter recruitment, thirty-five current members.

x. Washburn University (Anna Reb) - recruitment of twenty-five members. Having children's day at end of October, will dress up and do musical games, also hosting Christmas recital by students at a nursing home.

xi. Wichita State University (Andrew Book) - getting first and second year teachers to speak to their chapter.

V. Business

A. Evaluated 2005-2007 CMENC goals set at KMEA Strategic Planning Session in June of 2005.

i. Determine Division of Duties among Executives of CMENC Board

1. Established Vice-Presidential Duties of Tri-M/CMENC Communication Chair and Chapter Communications Chair.

2. Responsible for sending out monthly reports on the 20th of each month.

ii. Make CMENC Directory of Advisors, Presidents, Representatives

1. Accomplished.

2. Advisors will soon be added to the website.

iii. Greater Participation in CMENC Board

1. 13 of 25 chapters participating in 2006, up from 11 in 2005.

iv. Communication among CMENC Chapter Advisors

1. Responsibility of State Co-Advisors John Huber and Catherine Mallett.

v. CMENC Communication on Website in Addition to Mailings

1. Accomplished.

vi. Increased Number of Tri-M and CMENC Chapters

1. Tri-M Communications to Vice-President.

2. Small Schools Committee formed in June.

a. No report.

3. Recognized 12 chapters receiving Chapter Growth Awards from MENC:Bethel, Fort Hays St., Friends, Hutchinson CC, Kansas State, Kansas Wesleyan, McPherson, Mid-America Nazarene, Pittsburg St., Southwestern, University of Kansas, and Wichita State.

B. Constitution Amendments

C. Voting will be in February at the ISW.

D. 2007-2008 Kansas CMENC Officer Elections

i. Candidates must have served their chapter as an officer for at least one semester.

ii. Open offices are President and Vice-President.

iii. Speeches will occur Friday, February 23rd at the CMENC Luncheon.

iv. Biographies will be placed online this year on the CMENC President page.

v. More information will be sent out in January.

VI.Next State Board Meeting—Saturday, February 24, 2007 10:00 am at the KMEA In
Service Workshop in Wichita, KS.

VII.Adjournment of Board Meeting

I.Open Discussion

A. Nathan facilitated group discussion, splitting chapters up into three groups and discussing these aspects of the organization:

i. Communications from State

ii. Chapter Reports

1. Showed chapters how to post on the forum.

iii. Strengths/Weaknesses of Organization

1. Groups enjoyed the PowerPoint presentation because it allowed them to feel like they were a part of the meeting.Nathan agreed to repeat the process at KMEA.

2. Proposal was made to have board meetings held somewhere else instead of Wichita to give those from other sections of the state a chance to host a session.

3. Motion was tabled for further discussion by Nathan and the KMEA Board.

iv. Growth of Organization

1. Intra-Chapter Communication

2. Tri-M Incorporation

v. Senseney Improvements

1. Groups praised efforts of Senseney to expand the conference.

2. Surveys are to be filled out and turned in after the end of the conference.Nathan will compile data and present it in February.

vi. KMEA

1. Nathan presented preliminary schedule and announced the two CMENC clinicians for the ISW:Tim Lautzenheiser and Peter Boonshaft.

2. Gave list of recommendations for chapters to prepare for the event.

3. Students voted on which meeting(s) to be presented by Tim Lautzenheiser.Nathan will take results to KMEA Board and Tim.

a. Dealing with classroom discipline in a healthy fashion.

b. When your administrator doesn't comprehend the value of the arts.

vii. Nathan thanked all who attended the Senseney conference and KCOMTEP.

II. Adjournment of Open Discussion