CMENC Board Minutes

Kansas CMENC Board Meeting
KMEA In-Service Workshop
Saturday, February 25, 2006
10:00 AM

  1. Welcome and introductions
  1. Announcements
    1. General announcements
    2. 2006-2007 President and Vice-President
      1. President: Nathan Dame
      2. Vice-President: Jennifer Ballard
    3. KMEA Convention 2006 surveys
  1. Approval of minutes
  1. Chapter reports
    1. Baker University
      1. 35 members total, 25 attending KMEA convention
      2. Held a workshop with clinician David Bark in cooperation with Washburn University
    2. Fort Hays State University
      1. 4 members attended KCOMTEP, 8 attending KMEA convention
      2. Continued growth in chapter
    3. Friends University
      1. 40 members total, 35 attending KMEA convention
      2. Continued growth in chapter participation
    4. Hutchinson Community College
      1. Helped sponsor a Jazz Festival
      2. Attended and helped in a community-wide project
    5. Pittsburg State University
      1. New chapter getting established
      2. 20 members
    6. Southwestern College
      1. Continued growth in chapter
      2. 6 members
      3. Worked in cooperation with KMTA
      4. Have own building with a CMENC office
      5. Specific class time devoted to KMEA/CMENC meeting time.
    7. Sterling College
      1. 10 members total, all attending KMEA convention
      2. Received Stuco funding
      3. 1 event per semester, attended a theatre and an opera
      4. In the process of planning a service project
    8. University of Kansas
      1. 60 members total, 50 attending KMEA convention
      2. Sponsored a meeting about the interview process with Jean Nye as speaker
      3. Planning mock interviews for later in March
    9. Washburn University
      1. 19 members total, 12 attending KMEA convention
      2. Successfully sponsored a Halloween children's day with songs, crafts, and dancing.
      3. Organized a Christmas recital at a local nursing home
      4. Assisted with a Junior High solo festival with 386 junior high school students attending.
    10. Wichita State University
      1. CMENC membership required of all music education majors
      2. 35 attending KMEA convention
      3. 5 attending ACDA convention to sing in national college honor choir.
  1. Business
    1. Suggested duties of Vice-President (ideas to be taken back to individual chapters for discussion.)
      1. President elect of Vice-President move up to Presidential office
        1. Current President can train incoming President.
        2. Could limit new transfer of members from elected to office.
      2. Vice-President more involved in planning of meetings and future sessions (ex. Senseney and KCOMTEP meetings.)
        1. Vice-President to attend KMEA meetings with President to lend support.
      3. Vice-President over sees recruitment and communication
        1. In charge of receiving monthly chapter reports
        2. Collect data from recent graduates for advice in first years of teaching.
        3. Get involved with new state mentoring program.
    1. Reminder of June Board Meeting
    2. Communication
      1. Chapter representatives
      2. Website use is suggested and encouraged
      3. KMEA forum
      4. KMEA newsletter
    3. Senseney Music Event- 2005 Surveys
  1. Adjournment