CMENC Board Minutes

June 12, 2004 - 1:00 p.m.

  1. Call to Order
    1. Introduction - KMEA President, Rick Ives
    2. Board member address changes
  2. Board Reports
    1. Baker - Monica Sullins
      1. 38 members, 23 music majors
      2. activities - meetings, discussions on portfolios
    2. Emporia - Susan Packard
      1. last year's activities
        1. Halloween concert and reception
        2. help with junior high music festival
        3. April fools concert on April 2
      2. This coming year - talk with Tri-M chapters around Emporia State
    3. Fort Hays State - John Huber
      1. Activity - sang Christmas carols at nursing homes
    4. Friends University - Aubrey Warner
      1. Retreat with Halstead Tri-M chapter
      2. KCOMTEP
      3. On-campus Christmas tree decorating contest
      4. Poster session for NCATE
      5. KMEA
    5. Hutchinson Community College not in attendance
    6. K-State - Susan Bird (attended in place of Michelle Meyer)
      1. Music advocacy - hold receptions at area public school music concerts
      2. tutoring program - theory and other music classes
      3. KMEA
    7. KU not in attendance
    8. Sterling - Marisa Giorgetti
      1. sponsored recitals and guest band conductors with money from student government
    9. Washburn - Renata Ramonda
      1. 19 members
      2. Halloween door decorations
      3. entered hat competition with another campus organization
      4. Christmas recital for music students of Washburn CMENC members
      5. beginning of the year party with door prizes
    10. Wichita State - David Diaz
      1. help with local music festivals - door monitors, play instruments
      2. 82 members
  3. Business
    1. Website
      2. Discussion about items to appear on the site
        1. Minutes of chapter board meetings
        2. Forum - chapters can throw around ideas
        3. Contact information - board members, chapter advisors, and their pictures
        4. Links to useful websites
        5. Newslink articles, speaker information
        6. Calendar of musical events around Kansas
        7. List of presidents from each chapter
        8. Membership information and information on how to register for KMEA
      3. Troy Johnson - webmaster
      4. Encouraging use of the website
        1. Promote the site in chapter meetings
        2. If valuable information appears on site, it will be used more.
        3. Set dates when chapters can evaluate the site and give evaluations to Jacqueline
        4. Changing information will encourage people to look at site periodically - chapter updates
        5. Jacqueline will send out mass email when site is updated
        6. Email address for each school that doesn't change with every new president
    2. KCOMTEP
      1. Dates - October 11-12
      2. Hesston
      3. John Huber - suggested that students send him $35 check for KCOMTEP until membership is verified to give chapters more accountability as to making sure students are members
        1. Most board members did not agree with idea to send in $35 check
        2. Most members, however, did agree that there should be more chapter and member accountability
      4. Speaker - Dr. Mary Cavitt
        1. Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Texas
        2. She will discuss the first days of teaching.
      5. Activities - discussed ideas for evening activities and how to encourage students to meet people from other chapters
        1. Get-to-know-you time
        2. Evening performance
        3. Student music reading session
        4. Discussion tables
        5. Scholars bowl activity - music trivia or PLT prep
        6. Mentorship for new members
        7. Rooming with members of other chapters rather than students from the same school
        8. Mix students up at dinner
        9. Ice-breaking games
        10. Hold a variety of activities
        11. Dance with ice cream social
        12. State board members should be an example by mingling with members of other chapters
      6. Everyone in attendance agreed on the following order of events for KCOMTEP
        1. Day 1 - 1st session with speaker, Ice-breaking game, 2nd session with speaker, dinner, Ice Cream Social/Dance
        2. Day 2 - Breakfast, Session, Session of choice, Open board meeting
      7. Discussed ideas for our session of choice
        1. Ensemble management, literature, and how to choose literature
        2. How to prepare for festival
        3. Organizing the school calendar
          1. This was the idea chosen
          2. All board members should look for teachers (elementary, middle, and high school) to speak on this topic
          3. Report suggestions for speakers to Jacqueline by July 15
      8. Social Committee
        1. Jacqueline
        2. Renata
        3. Sara
        4. Susan
        5. Monica
    3. KMEA
      1. Do we want a CMENC workshop this year? - yes
        1. Could be better attended if offered at two different times during the weekend
        2. Topics for the workshop will be discussed at KCOMTEP - talk with chapters for ideas
    4. Board Meetings
      1. KCOMTEP - during regular meeting time
      2. KMEA - Saturday, 10 A.M., during the normal business meeting
    5. Amending the CMENC Constitution
      1. work with Dee Hansen
      2. Executive office outline
      3. KMEA Board must approve our changes
      4. Jacqueline will contact Dee Hansen