2021 ISW Announcement

After much consideration, the KMEA Executive Committee has decided to move to a virtual In-Service Workshop in February 2021. In addition, the All-State Live Auditions in January for high school instrumental ensembles will be virtual. Discussions have been held over several months with the Board of Directors, and we feel this is the best and safest way to hold our professional development.

The plan is to offer most of the activities that would be held at a face-to-face meeting including clinics, concerts, exhibits, All-States, and social gatherings.

We are aware that it is early, and there is a possibility that a vaccine may be developed before February 1. (Although experts suggest it will take time to manufacture and distribute the vaccine.) Planning for a virtual ISW is complicated, preparation will take months, and funds need to be committed now. Work has already begun to make the 2021 ISW educational, encouraging, and fun!

Soon a link will be provided on the home page of the KMEA website (www.ksmea.org) that will give an overview of the various aspects of the convention. For now, be aware that deadlines normally in place for a face-to-face convention will be used for the virtual convention. However, some of the events related to the convention may not be held at the usual times.

I am looking forward to virtually seeing everyone in late February!

Gae Phillips, KMEA President