7:00 AM Facilities open for chairpersons’ set-up
8:30 AM Band Door Monitors and Tabulators meet in (TBA)
8:45 AM Band Judges meet in (TBA)
9:00 AM Director registration begins in (TBA) . Verify auditions and cancellations.
9:00 – 10:00 AM Band Students report to their audition room to receive audition numbers.
String Students report to TBA to receive audition times.
Jazz Students report to check-in table in TBA.
9:00 AM Band excerpts posted.
9:00 AM Band Judges meeting in TBA
9:10 AM String Judges and door monitors meet in TBA
9:15 AM Jazz Judges and door monitors meeting in TBA
9:30 AM String excerpts and scales posted (after judges meeting)
10:00 AM Auditions begin
12:00 – 1:30 PM Staggered lunch for judges and monitors

AUDITION RESULTS WILL NOT BE POSTED ON THE DAY OF AUDITIONS. Results will be posted online no later than on the Wednesday (time TBD) following the day of auditions. Music will be mailed to the students. Follow @ksmea on Twitter for notification when results are posted.

Percussion equipment
A concert marimba, xylophone and timpani will be provided for auditions. The timpani do not have tuning gauges. For warm-up, a xylophone and timpani will be provided in the Spectator Auditorium. A concert snare drum will be provided for auditions. Students will be allowed to use their own snare drum or mallet keyboard instrument if they desire.

Jazz Auditions
A piano, jazz drum kit, bass amp and guitar amp will be provided for the jazz auditions.