Candidates for KMEA President-Elect

Candidates for KMEA President-Elect

Every two years at the ISW of odd-number years KMEA elects a new President-Elect.That person then serves for two years as President-Elect, two years as President, and finally two years as Vice President, for a total rotation of six years on the KMEA Executive Council.

KMEA is pleased to introduce your 2019 candidates for President-Elect, to be voted on by the membership leading up to the 2019 In-Service Workshop.

Voting takes place in the KMEA Members site for current NAfME-KMEA members. Balloting will close on Feb. 23, 2019 at 9:00 AM, with the result to be announced at the closing general session of the ISW.

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2019 Candidates for President-Elect

Mark Gard

Vesta Jo Still

Candidate Bio

Vesta Jo Still is in her nineteenth year of teaching in the Logan Unified School District. Throughout her tenure, the music program has developed a level of excellence that is tops among small programs in the state. She is a champion for small school music programs. Over the years, her bands and choirs have received I ratings at State Contests and at the Kansas State Fair. Recently, two of her students held top chair placings in the All-State 1234A Band. Before coming to Logan, she taught in the Eastern Heights School district. Mrs. Still’s current teaching responsibilities include: Instrumental Music 5-12, Vocal Music 7-12, and English Composition. She has been involved in all aspects in her school from directing the All-School play to sponsoring the dance team. Vesta Jo developed the All-School Veterans Day Celebration and is secretary of the local teachers association. Vesta Jo’s leadership opportunities in music education have included: NWKMEA Junior HIgh Band Chair, High School Choral Chair and High School Band Chair, NWKMEA President, KMEA Small Schools Consultant and KMEA District Alignment Committee. She has also presented three times at the KMEA In-Service Workshop. She serves as a KMEA mentor for new teachers in the northwest district. Mrs. Still holds professional memberships in Kansas Music Educators Association, National Association for Music Education, and Kansas National Education Association. Vesta Jo received the NWKMEA Honored Middle Level Educator award in 2007 and Teacher of the Year from VFW in 2009. In 2010, Doane College honored Vesta Jo for her work in music education with the Platte Alumni Music Award. She was asked to conduct the Alumni Band at Homecoming that same year. Mrs. Still grew up in Alliance, Nebraska where she attended high school She graduated cum laude from Doane College with a B. A. in music and English.

KMEA Offices Held

KMEA Small Schools Consultant
NWKMEA District President
NWKMEA JH Honor Band Chair
NWKMEA HS Choir Chair
NWKMEA HS Band Chair

Philosophy Statement

Create, challenge, cultivate, commit, change and complete. Music is the thread that completes all that it touches. Music educators develop skills which allow creativity to flourish in the classroom. We have the ability to reach many students through music. As music educators embrace the challenges of teaching music, we cultivate safe environments where creativity flourishes. Through our commitment and passion, our students discover who they are and become more human. They connect with their emotions. When we utilize the strength within KMEA and with others, and when we continue to set high standards and goals, music remains an integral part of each child’s education. Networking, connecting, and supporting each other enables music educators. Together, we are able to create, to challenge, and to cultivate students so they feel committed and connected to themselves, each other, and their world. The process of teaching music continues to ignite and renew the passion and creativity within the teacher, so that we also feel complete. It is the song of humanity, touching our souls, binding us together, and moving us deeply. Music is the part that completes and unites us.